Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wa'aon. PaintOver.

Lighting, textures, composition and so on. PaintOver - it's nice and clever way planning after which you know exactly what way you do want to go. I did 6 variations but I'll show only these, other 4 - is epic fail )) I think... first one is going on finalizing texturing, grooming and rendering.

Work name - "Wa'aon"

Combine entities of human warrior and buffalo animal from amazing African continent. The project started about a month ago, main goal was to made everything within modo and to found some new approaches to my "mayan" past and present life. Project ended as usually with death of my RAM memory in ZB...  :))) I wanted to made some more detailes but... there is always hardware limits.

Additional character views:


Working on render composition. Already reworked head detailes and found closeUp shots more interesting.
So... time to move on grooming and lighting.

Light & muscles. Test

Try to find some workflow according to different render engines to minimize time for rendering stills...

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Actually, I've seen recently a NatGeo about wolfs and their wild life. After such magnificient material from NatGeo is really a crime not to create something correlative. And, of course... my personal works is always mirroring my emotional side that layed on what I've seen or feel recently.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Russian military prototype.

Play a bit with hardSurface in ZB. Actually, I want to do a whole figure of military Russian robot prototype.
But over 300 subtools it was difficult to manage them. And I've been fighting with that management until my subtools jump over 500. After that number it's almost impossible to be fluent in workflow. Pixologic definitely needs to implement something like folders, selection sets or subtool manager. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Caucasus Eagle.

I had a chance to make an eagle. I really love organic so much... Model and textures were made for middle and far views. Because of that all feathers - are polys.

Airbus A319. Aeroflot.

Modeling and texturing A319 Airbus with russian Aeroflot paint scheme. And couple tests of mine with geo, simple lighting and textures. For "Courier From Heaven" movie shots.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Russian "Riot Control" grenade.

Personal project. 3d design of a chemical russian s.w.a.t. grenade wich includes mix of gas, blinding flash of light and loud noise. I found more interesting/plausible for me designs that are based on real and dangerous things.

Mesh and topology. Time to use creases more agressevly :))

Experiments with techniques and approaches on hardSurface.

Quick 3d design, lighting/shading test with items of hydraulics system. Nothing special, just experiment.

Friday, November 22, 2013

"Courier From Heaven"

Underwater shots with Great White shark ("Courier From Heaven" feature). Tough deadline as usual on digital asset. Two days: first - for model and topology, second one is for uvs and texturing. Zbrush + Maya and Mari are my best friends. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Body parts or a Soup set for the main course.

I've done that a long time ago and even posted here. But just want to update a little.
When I'm working on such stuff I always thinking about something like giblets and soup from them. Hey, and what about a dessert? Anyway... hope you enjoy!

Delicious soup ingridients:

Always enjoy clean and precise topology:

Smash. Boom. 3d concept.

3d concept. Sculpt and polypaint. Half a day of work with a break for lunch ). Wrong place and wrong time for that guy... Smash... and I'm sculpting messy concept of him.

"Save and Protect"

"Save and Protect" - inscription on the back side of russian orthodox cross. It's a pray to God for protection faithful holder form evil and save from temptation. Movie shot where the christian cross chops zombies blood drops like a sword. Pretty fast - one day - task, but I love the result...

Model, sculpt detailes and uvs:

The most interesting part of modelers job :))

Between creation different creatures and sci-fi robots there is always a task to do something creative and inspiring... like to model a super new cell or unwrap amazing tv object with outstanding uv shells. That stuff is all about commercials. Project managment by my good old friend - Antonio Tenni.

Br-r-r-r-r-r.... wires...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

12th april 1961. Gagarin.

It was a great pleasure and honor to work on that project with totally creative and professional team. Just want to show some of my involvement as senior modeler/texture artist that I've found on hdd. Full CG shots were made only by 9 people: 2 modelers, 1 texture artist, 1 lighter/lookDev artist, 1 fx td, 1 composer, 1 animator, 1 vfx-supervisor and 1 manager. Heh...

Modeling&Texturing Rocket "Vostok" and 3KA Module:

Vostok texture previews and some masks for lookDev:

Burned and detached capsule of 3KA:

Wires displace and base color. From the old wires refs to get a new ones.

And my daylies :) on <udims> texturing 3KA Modlule: